10 x 12 Bitterroot Pochade Box

Just the thing to take on a float of the beautiful Bitterroot River and paint fall cottonwoods, the 10x12 is loaded with features and yet closes up as a simple, clean box, easy to slide into a daypack. It's main duty is 9x12/10x12's, but it can 6x8/8x10, and go up to 16" vertically. With a piggyback, 12x16 can be carried wet. Incredibly convenient and versatile.

  • Carries four 3/16" or two 3/8" panels completely protected
  • Included removable adapter allows carrying _x12 and _x8 simultaneously, for example, 10x12, 9x12, 6x8, 8x10, all at once.
  • Spring loaded panel holder adjusts entirely from the front, no knobs or nuts. Capacity from 0 to 16 vertical.
  • Unique position control technology holds lid wherever you want it to. No wingnuts or braces to fiddle with. Just open it up.
  • Two drawers hold paint, solvent, medum, knives, brush cleaning cup, etc. All available as you work with no hooks or clips needed.
  • Carry full length brushes in built-in brush quiver.
  • Drawers automatically lock closed when lid is shut. They cannot open accidentally. Drawers are completely removable if desired, for example if painting in a confined space or on a lightweight tripod.
  • Included extra palette fits into top of drawer. Use on either side.
  • 2oz lidded cup for medium or thinner included.
  • Baltic birch palette, recessed to allow addition of glass or plexiglass if desired.
  • 1/4"-20 threaded fitting fits standard tripod or quick release.

Dimensions: 12 5/8 x 11 x 4 7/8

Weight: 6lbs


  • Optional Custom Engraving Available with a custom engraving on the inside of the lid door (displayed when the box is open.) Select "Custom Engraving" in the ordering column, and add your lines of text in the spaces provided. Photo and info here.
  • Carry 12x16" panels with the optional Piggyback Adapter.
  • Optional Sunclips attach to top of lid or piggyback and hold a 1/8" painting panel as a sunscreen.

$ 444.00

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These boxes are individually handcrafted. Please see the page about Ordering and Delivery Times before ordering.

The pochade boxes do not include tripods, but they are made to fit all standard tripod mounts. See the Links page for information and suggestions.

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