Video Demos

6x8 Belly River Pochade Box

The 6x8 Belly River, carries 8x10 as well with it's piggyback. Demonstrates the panel holder system which is incorporated in all the boxes,

Belly River video demo

8x10 Blackfoot Pochade Box

The 8x10 Blackfoot has a single storage drawer, an auxiliary palette, and can also carry 6x8. With piggyback, 9x12 and 10x12.

Blackfoot video demo

10x12 Bitterroot Pochade Box

The 10x12 Bitterroot has two storage drawers, an auxiliary palette, and is probably the most versatile in terms of panel and supply storage. 12x16 goes in the piggyback.

Bitterroot video demo

11x14 Yellowstone Pochade Box

The 11x14 Yellowstone is for folks who feel cramped doing smaller stuff. With a piggyback, you can go all the way to 14x18. Same layout as the Bitterroot.

Yellowstone video demo

10x12 Bitterroot "Lite" Pochade Box & 11x14 Yellowstone "Lite"

The Bitterroot and Yellowstone are also available in "lite" versions. Two-panel storage in the lid, and instead of drawers, work trays that attach to the sides of the box and store on top, where they can store brushes. These boxes are designed for those who prefer to put less weight on the tripod and like a large work area. (The boxes are very similar except for size, so only the Bitterroot Lite is shown in the video.)

Bitterroot and Yellowstone "Lite" video demo