About pochade boxes, and specifically about my handcrafted pochade boxes.

11 x 14 Yellowstone Lite Pochade Box

Pochade Boxes

"Pochade" is a French word for a small sketch, especially one executed in oils, out of doors.

A pochade box is a lightweight, portable painting box, with an incorporated panel holder that acts as an easel. Modern ones feature tripod mounts for easy positioning.

Pochade boxes have become the preferred platform for creating small plein air paintings.

Shown at right: Yellowstone Lite

Alla Prima Pochade

As a plein air painter and woodworker, I've been building and enjoying my own pochade boxes for years, while always thinking about how to make them better. Now I've designed a line of pochade boxes that incorporate all the features that I've always wanted.

Features like the ability to carry four wet panels of different sizes, a lid that holds position without annoying braces and wingnuts, and the convenience of having paint tubes, water or turps containers, and brushes accessible while I paint.

Of course, I use quality woods and stainless steel fasteners, because I believe tools should be durable as well as beautiful.

My philosophy is simple: the more you enjoy using your equipment, the more you will paint and create. Art is long, and life is short, so get the tools you need, and go...paint!

- Ben White (formerly Haggett)

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