10 x 12 Bitterroot Lite Pochade Box

The Bitterroot Lite exchanges the deep double drawers of the standard Bitterroot for a lighter, slimmer, easier packing footprint.  Everything about this pochade box has been designed to give you maximum flexibility in how you set up and work, and to do it in the lightest, most compact way I can come up with!

Twin auxiliary palettes (or a single full size auxiliary palette) store internally, floating above the main palette with its wet paint laid out.  Brushes, palette knives and slim tools (5/8" and under) can then store on top of the auxiliary palette, separated from the wet paint below.  At the Bitterroot size, most full length brushes will fit diagonally in the space, no need to trim them.  Optionally, the auxiliary palette(s) could be left out, and 37mm paint tubes then fit, or a foldable water color palette, or a smaller Masterson Sta-wet acrylic palette, or...?  It’s up to you!

The main palette is easily removable, great for cleaning or long-term storage of wet paint by placing in a plastic container or similar. Or get a piece of 1/8" tempered glass or Lexan cut to replace if you prefer those slicker surfaces. 

Two wet panels store in the lid, and a removable divider gives you options on what sizes you carry.  

Video Demo

  • Carries two 9 or 10x12 panels completely protected.
  • Using the divider, store 8x10, 6x8, 8x8 panels instead.
  • Panel holder slots are 7/16” wide (two panels of linen-covered Gatorboard). Most other panel substrates are 1/8", so plenty of room for two linen covered 3mm Baltic birch or masonite.
  • Spring-loaded panel holder adjusts entirely from the front, no knobs or nuts. Capacity from 0 to 16 inches vertical (paint up to 16x12 portrait size)
  • Original position control technology holds lid wherever you want. No wing nuts or braces to fiddle with. Just open it up!
  • Internally stored auxiliary palette(s) attach to either side of the box and can be attached "upside down" as well. 
  • Included adjustable supports let you have the auxiliary palette(s) 'flattened out' while the main palette is more tilted.
  • Palette cups can clip to the auxiliary palette, and there are a couple of holes to accommodate an included small carabineer (to hang a brush washer or whatever else you might come up with).
  • Brushes, pencils, palette knives (things 5/8" thick and under) can store on the auxiliary palette, separated from wet paint on the main palette.
  • Under the auxiliary palette(s), 3/8" of protected space is available for laying out paint and leaving it at the end of a painting session.
  • Main palette of Baltic birch is removable for cleaning or storage, or for hand holding while painting. Easy to replace with glass or acrylic if you prefer those surfaces.
  •  ¼”-20 threaded fitting fits standard tripod or quick release.
  • D-rings with genuine leather hand strap. Ready to attach your favorite shoulder strap.
  • Dimensions: 12 5/8" x11" x 2 7/8" (2-panel Lid)
  • Weight: 4lbs 4oz


  • Four-Panel lid option. I can build it with a 4-panel lid, like the standard Bitterroot. Adds ½” to the overall height and allows you to use the Sunclips. Weight change is only about 6 oz.  Adds $12 to the cost.
  • Twin auxiliary palette is the default.  Substitute a single, full size auxiliary palette if you like, or get both options if you might switch back and forth.  Both options adds $15.  
  • Optional Custom Engraving available on the inside of the lid door (displayed when the box is open). Select “Custom Engraving” in the ordering column, and add your lines of text in the spaces provided. Adds $22 to the costs. Photo and info found here.

(Please note: tripod, brushes and solvent cups shown in photographs are for display purposes only and are not included with the pochade box.)

$ 413.00

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The pochade boxes do not include tripods, but they are made to fit all standard tripod mounts. See the Links page for information and suggestions.

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