The Sunclips are an inexpensive, small, and convenient help when you need to shade your painting surface from overhead sun or glare.

They snap on to the top of the lid and hold one of your spare painting panels as a sunshade.

Charles Sovek originally requested a way to hold a panel as a shade--he had his own method he used and wondered if I could come up with something similar, so I made the first pair for his box.

Useful when the sun is high, but they reduce general glare as well. Overall, I'd say I use them about half the time, but they don't take up much room and don't weigh much.

I make them only for the standard, 4-panel lid, not the the 2-panel "Lite" lids. However, they will work for the "Lite" boxes that are made with optional 4-panel lids.

$ 22.00

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